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5 good reasons to buy an Ecosystem:

  1. No need for a costly growth controller system...

  2. No need to buy expensive CO2 equipment...

  3. Professional type results , first time around supercharge hydroponics

  4. Fits almost anywhere : room, walk-in closet, shed, garage, basement, kitchen, etc

  5. You obtain the finest hydroponics technology...

created with the help of Laval University and Montreal's HEC, the simplest, most efficient unit on the market !!

To obtain the same results (using another system) 3 times more room would be necessary!

Supercharge your Ecosystem naturally:

5 elements for good gardening

  1. WATER goes down a slad witch hang vertically, forcing down nutrient and oxygen, permitting the plant to feed more efficiently.

  2. THE PLANTS growing vertically are forced to work constantly against the gravity witch pulls them up and the lights that's pull them down, by doing so the plant are more vigorous, they then have a tendencies to produce more fruits with a higher concentration of sugar.

  3. The ecosystem circular growing area allows maximum use of lightings. Supercharge the Ecosystem by using 2 x 1000 watt's bulb and adding a pull off at least 800 cfm. The more oxygen that passes true the eco the more CO 2 your plant absorbs, doing so promotes a more than productive yield.

    • More oxygen = More CO2
    • 1000 watts a higher range of lumen permits you to boost NPK to a higher level
    • NPK boosted up to 1500 ppm

  4. CO2 + lights + NPK = SUPERCHARGE

    Quality + Quantity = RENTABILITY


    Instruction below concern PARGRO / GRODAN EXPERT rockwool slabs.
    For all other brand of rockwool slabs, please refer to their instructions.

    • Fill the tank with water at 5.5 pH. Connect a long ½'' hose to the pump.

    • Sprinkle each slab with the hose, about 15 to 20 liters in a lateral movement to ensure a uniform spray. For each group of 6 slabs, fill the tank and readjust the water at a pH of 5.5, if needed.

    • Allow the slabs drain (max. 10 to 15 min.). Dispose of drainage water recovered.

    • Fine particles made of small inert rocks can release from the slabs at this stage. This is quite normal and have no adverse effect on your plants or your culture system.

    • Prepare the nutrition mix (EC 1.5) in the tank. Irrigate continuously for 1-2 hours.

    • Insert AO cubes with plants.

    • Make a continuous irrigation 24 / 7. Continue for 4 weeks until plants are well rooted in the slab.

    • During the first 7 to 10 days, slowly increase the growth nutrients with an electrical conductivity (EC) of 2.4. To achieve this, add fertilizer 3 times to increase the concentration in the tank as follows: Day 3 - EC 1.8; Day 6 - EC 2.1; Day 9 - EC 2.4. Maintain the pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

    • When plants are well rooted, it is possible to pass an irrigation cycle of 5 minutes stop/15 minutes work. Increasing the concentration of nutrients if the foliage seems to fade.
  6. NPK for the first few day's, the plants need a rooting agent that will also promote a more vigorous growth, we also use an enzyme during all the stages just add at every water change if your growing exotic plants or large size plants, you must use a product that stop growth when the required size is obtained in the last 2 to 3 week we recommended a bloom enhancer always do a week rinse at the end.


  • A ceiling fan should be installed for a better air circulation.
  • A well aerated room.
  • A constant temperature, for better efficiency.
  • your starting pH level should be at 5.5.
  • Disinfect with peroxyde.
  • Regularly check your drops.
  • No more then 255 plants in the machine.
  • Use only bio products for fruits and vegetables.
  • Suspend from the ceiling sticky bands for flies.

Periodical maintenance:

  • Change the water once a week without fail.
  • Clean tub and gutter.
  • Clean the entire irrigation system.

Trimester maintenance:

  • Suspend between slabs the tap tubing.
  • Fill the gutter to capacity, and run the pump for a period of 10 hours.
  • Restart with fresh water.
  • Check to ensure a pH level of 5.5.

Treatment of rockwool

  1. Cut both ends of the slabs
  2. Insert slabs into the EcoSystem
  3. Prepare nutritive solution
    • 60 L of water
    • Enzyme (Hydrozyme)
    • Wetting agent
    • pH 5
    • Run system continuously during 24 hours

Growing cycles

Vegetative (2 to 5 days)

  • Weeks of vegetation: Over.
  • Let plants grow 5'' to 6'' tall.
  • During this stage, water continuously (let lights on).


  • Water 15 min. every hour (when lights on).
  • If plants grow to 18'' tall, a PGR (Bud Fuel) is recommended.