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ECOSYSTEM patented vertical garden is the ultimate circular growing system. It delivers 48 pi2 of growing space in 16 pi2.

Capitalizing on every photon of light, ECOSYSTEM delivers 360° of equal, intense light. The combination of dense vertical growing and ideal light equal higher yields per watt and better overall quality.

With over 5000 units sold since 2003, the word is out.

Imagine what you can do with an ECOSYSTEM!

  • Economy of space and time

  • Higher yields per watt, pratically Rendements plus grands par watt, virtually no light lost
  • Circular growing area, 360° of perfect luminosity
  • Higher quality plants
  • High air exchange rate 

  • Higher stability in CO2
  • Geotropic workout for plants

  • Units simple to setup in less than 1 hour
  • Simple to use  

  • Better quality, higher yieds, in less time !